Sarah Laplante

Software engineer and researcher with a focus on understanding and defending against network censorship



Censoredplanet logo

Censored Planet

Quickly analyze national network censorship patterns

Outline logo

Outline VPN

Censorship-resistant VPN using shadowsocks

Project Shield logo

Project Shield

DDoS protection for news, human rights, and election websites

Transparency report screenshot

Google Transparency Report

Detect internet shutdowns through Google traffic data

Can of Spam

Google Maps Spam

Fighting spam and abuse on Google Maps



  • Northeastern University logo
  • Northeastern University

    B.S. in Computer Science
    Minors in Linguistics and Math


Chocokanji font pen plotter sample


Japanese Hershey SVG font for use with pen plotters

Deutsche Bahn logo

Deutsche Bahn Clock

Webtoy of a master timed clock

Truth for humanity screenshot

Truth for Humanity

Find the hidden truth about any topic
First place project at Comedy Hackday

Frankenpokemon sprite


Horrifying hybrid pokemon from the original sprites

The Tower of Babel - Peter Bruegel


Make up statistically probable words for a language